Leonard Schwartz for Congress, Michigan District 4
Get Government Busybodies Off Your Back -- Vote Libertarian

Issues: medicine -- regulations -- marriage -- gun control -- abortion

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Don't Waste Your Vote on Democrats or Republicans

Democrats and Republicans think they can spend your money and manage your life better than you can. Libertarians aren't busybodies. We don't want to spend your money or manage your life.

Government busybodies are much worse than private ones. Government can compel disclosure of your personal information. Private busybodies cannot. Government can tax, fine, and imprison you. Private busybodies cannot.

If you vote for Democrats or Republicans because you consider them the lesser of two evils, you vote for evil. Why would any decent person vote for evil? Elections are rarely decided by only a few votes. Therefore, your vote rarely determines who is elected. But your vote always sends a message.

If you vote for Democrats or Republicans, you send a message that you agree that they can spend your money and manage your life better than you can. What a waste of your vote. If you don't vote, you waste your right to send a message and you imply that you don't care.

Vote for what you know is right rather than what falsely seems expedient.
Send a message that you want government busybodies off your back.
Vote for Leonard Schwartz, Libertarian.

For government better than
Democrats on the left ... or ... Republicans on the right,
vote Libertarian,
the traditional middle of the road

Libertarian Party: www.LP.org -- www.MI.LP.org

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