Leonard Schwartz for Congress

Equal Rights and Racial Preferences

President Nixon created racial goals or quotas for the federal government and employers who receive more than $50,000 a year from the federal government. Ford and Carter continued these rules.

In 1980, Reagan and Bush promised to cancel Nixon's rules. They reneged on that promise. Clinton, G. W. Bush, Obama, and Trump continued these rules.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress could have cancelled these rules. But they didn't even try.

Some claim that the goals or quotas don't lead to discrimination. If that is true, then the reports that employers must file are useless paperwork. And the rules should be cancelled for that reason.

Democrats and Republicans insult the alleged beneficiaries by essentially saying, "You can't be successful unless white men give you preferential treatment."

Democrats and Republicans stigmatize the alleged beneficiaries because people think, "You got your job because of preferencial treatment."

Send a message that you support equal rights and oppose racial preferences.

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